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2013 Progenitor Staff

Joshua P. Sullivan

Joshua P. Sullivan lives in Littleton, CO with his beautiful wife, a neurotic dog, and a perpetually bathing cat. An early mid-life crisis reignited his passion for writing, which led him to complete his first novel manuscript. He has recently started submitting his work for publication consideration, and graduates this year from Arapahoe Community College.

Check him out online at: www.Joshuapsullivan.com

Holly Huner
Assistant Editor
& Promotions

Holly Huner is attending her second semester at ACC. An avid writer with her head in the clouds, she tends to read any book she can get her hands on. A self-proclaimed nerd at heart, her favorite day is Wednesday because that’s new comic book day. She loves working on the Progenitor.

Jason Colbourne
Art & Photography Editor


I am the Art and Photography Editor, Assistant Web Editor, and assistant for the production and design team for the Progenitor Literary and Art Journal. I live in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. I have been a photographer for five years, and I plan on majoring in Photojournalism at Metropolitan State at Denver.

Lydia Farrar
Poetry Editor


Lydia Farrar is a Colorado native but hates the snow. Though she is young her dreams of becoming a best selling author are very real. By the age of nineteen Lydia plans to have graduated with her bachelors degree in creative writing, and finally move out of the cold city.

Kathryn Peterson
Fiction Editor


My writing career began with my first production at age three.  I dressed my terrior dog  in a lace curtain tie back, I was dressed decoratively in a lace curtain.  I outlined the plot for her and to the revolving recording of some happy tune I sang and we both danced through a wonderful production of make-believe.  I continue today in the world of pen & ink.

Juanita Pope
Non-fiction Editor


Juanita L. Pope won her first writing award in 2009 through the Rocky Mountain Theatre Association for Best Short Play.  She has also received national recognition for her accomplishments in theatre, poetry and music.  Currently, she writes a column for the Greenwood Village Christianity Examiner in Colorado. Ms. Pope’s future career goal is to continue to grow as a professional writer.

Mollie Rue
Creative Director


"I am a student, dancer, mother, wife and Ninja Gramma - a short story series that I hope to have published soon!

        My passion: lifelong learning. My credo: Seize the Moment.

Working with our fun-loving team and the whole Progenitor experience has further fueled my passion for creative learning - and together we seized many moments!"

Faculty Advisors
Howard Golden
John Hall
and StudioACC
Dr. Kathyrn Winograd

Howard Golden consulted with us frequently throughout the process and was tasked with the huge job of implementing and coding the online content. He was a valuable resource and was always there for us with technical assistance.

John Hall and StudioACC were of an immeasurable amount of assistance in implementing the design and layout portion of the Progenitor. Without their patience and determination the journal would not be what it is!

Dr. Kathyrn Winograd served as the advisor for this year's Progenitor class.  She was an invaluable guide throughout the process, as well as a calm influence through occasionally turbulent tides.

A special thanks to Ciara Sullivan, who was able to take our staff's ambitious web design ideas and make them into a reality!

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